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Access coverage that shields you from life's uncertainties. Let your earnings secure a brighter future for you and your loved ones.



a shield against uncertainty

Health Coverage

Protect your health and that of your loved ones with our health cover plans for: Hospital care and more.


Device Coverage

Provide your devices with a cover against physical damage, water damage, theft and loss.


Coverage benefits

enjoy & live your life worry free

Let your earnings mitigate risk and pave the way to affluence for you.

Safeguard your Earnings

Safe guard your hard- earned money and keep on walking the path to affluence.

Save yourself Stress

Shield yourself from unforeseeable risk, securing your peace of mind effortlessly.

Save a Fortune

Pay conveniently - annually, quarterly or monthly without breaking the bank.

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Create an account and get started much quicker than you’ll make an omelette in 5 mins

Choose an insurance category

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Select a plan

Make a choice from our wallet- friendly and tailor made plans for you.


Select payment plan

Select and manage payments right from your dashboard. 100% digital and hassle free.


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Access the full benefits of your plan once it’s activated.





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