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Shield your devices against loss, physical and cyber damage. Access claims within 72 hours.

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We simplify the challenges of balancing work and your lifestyle, plugging you to insurance and retirement plans all in one platform.



Realtime monitoring and updates on all plan usage.

Automated claims and tracking processes on device coverage.

Set up automatic contributions & payments for retirement accounts & insurance subscriptions.



Access variety of health packages without any expertise needed.

Easily access claims on your favourite devices & gadgets within 72 hours.

Manage your existing pensions and contribute towards your retirement from anywhere in the world.



Health care that caters for you and your loved ones for as low as N5000.

Device coverage on your favorite devices from N10,000.

Contribute towards your retirement at your own pace.

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Saviour Okusenogu
3D Animator
Earna makes me feel seen. I like the idea of what they are solving for from the first day I heard of them. The ease with which I have been able to insure my devices is lovely, I like it. I can't wait to see other things they come up with.
Aisha Adeola
Social Media Manager
I never knew I could easily access health coverage plans until I got introduced to Earna, this has been a beautiful experience.
Josteve Adekanbi
Software Engineer
Thanks to Earna, I can purchase and manage health insurance plans for my parents back home hassle-free. It feels like a big burden lifted off my shoulders.
Amaka Nancy
Data Analyst
Earna's device insurance ensures I deliver without delays on my job. With protected tools, I excel in every remote job with confidence.

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